Maybelline Superstay 14-Hour Lipstick Review

Wow! Maybe I am just used the the primitive long-lasting lipsticks, but this one truly impressed me. Functional long-lasting lip color sounds as too-good-to-be-true as painless fabulous stilettos. (They don't really exist.) If a long-lasting lip color initially looks nice (this is rare), it probably will look horrid in no time. It will start to peel, embed itself in the lip's natural creases, or worse, it will disperse itself around the borders of your lips like a terrible lip-liner. I usually say no to lipstick period (mostly to avoid the ugly phase), and stick with lip balms or lipgloss that will naturally fade in about an hour. 
So what made me change?

I saw the color Eternal Rose, and the promise of a 14HR stay. I did not really believe it, but I liked the color, so I bought it for about $8 and gave it a try. The color was bright and true, and the formula was creamy. No, I did not believe in a 14HR stay, but I was already pleased. Much to my surprise, the lipstick looked fresh and impeccable for over SIX hours. Even without reapplying, the lipstick did not fail me. It started to look like a great lip stain (which by the way usually suck, so if you know of a good inexpensive brand, please share the wealth below). Your lips will be pigmented until you take it off yourself. In that case, I guess you can call it 24HR lipstick. Yes, the lipstick did not stay as ravishing for fourteen hours, but it did look great the entire time. 

Next I bought Perpetual Peony (shown above), in an attempt to find an everyday lipstick that lasted just as long as my fun pink Eternal Rose. The color was a bit lighter than I had hoped, and it probably works best for a day/night out instead of a professional setting, although I am probably overanalyzing it. The results were exactly as impressive.

My newest addition is Timeless Crimson, a darker, more serious red. I think it goes very well with my fair skin, and I especially love that it doesn't get on my teeth or all over the place. However, eating was a bit of a problem. The color doesn't exactly adhere to your lips, so you may get some color on your utensils/food. I had to be more careful with this color, but I never had to reapply. I put it on at 9am, and at midnight it still looked great.

Since the colors maintain a creamy feel, they can stain occasionally. Kissing can only be done lightly, eating is a little more difficult, and you have to be aware that you are not smearing your lips against anything. This is typical of all lipsticks, however. It should not deter you from trying the one of the best lipstick formulas.

P.S. This lipstick can run you about $10 in drugstores. Don't waste your money; take a look at the colors in person and then get it cheaper off Amazon.

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