Change Windows 7 Starter Wallpaper

So you have a netbook? I am probably one of the very few people in 2012 that just bought one. As an iDork, this is the ugly ducking of my electronic gadgets. I need it for a program called Tegrity which doesn't have the full features unless it's on a Windows computer running Internet Explorer. That makes my macbook, ipad and iphone useless. Oh, and all the old obsolete PCs in my house are completely unportable (?) to take to a library. Did you know these tiny, powerless computers are sold less and less in stores? I couldnt find one. I had to buy it online. It seems that tablets, ultrabooks, and cheaper notebooks have made these tiny ones obsolete.

Changing the wallpaper on new devices is the way I make it mine; it's the same logic dogs use when they pee on stuff, I guess. I was really annoyed when I found out that I couldn't change my wallpaper! WHAT? My first cellphone way back in 2004 could even do that!

Luckily, I found a loophole!

Before we start, save the picture you want as your wallpaper on your computer. Have its full path handy. (i.e. C:\Users\JohnDoe......etc.)

1. Press Start button and on the search bar type "regedit". It will open Registry Editor.

2. On your left hand side open the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Within, open Control Panel. Once again, within this folder, open Desktop. Click on it. 

3. Now, on the right, scroll down to the entry named "Wallpaper". Double click on it and put the path of your new wallpaper (the one you should have had handy.)

4. Now, focus on the "Desktop" folder we previously opened on the left hand side. Right click it press "Permissions". Click on "Advanced". Go to the Owner tab on the top part of the box.

5. Press your name on the box that says "Change Owner To". Don't select Administrator. Press Ok. Press "Advanced" again.

6. Uncheck "Include inheritable permissions form the object's parent". You will be prompted with a box; press "Remove".

7. Click "Add" and type in the box "Everyone". Press "ok".

8. Now, check "Allow" on "Read Control" and click "ok". Click "ok" again.

9. Highlight “Everyone” and check to allow “Read” and click “OK”.
You're done! However, your wallpaper will not show up until you restart your computer. Make sure you save all important files before restarting.

Resart, and enjoy your new wallpaper! ;)

Question for discussion: Should I upgrade to Windows 8? I have 1 GB memory and 320 GB storage. I intend to only use it to open Tegrity and never save files on it.

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